Tuesday, 27 June 2017

YouTube and New Age Media

It used to be that new age was a niche market. You had to really be looking for a specific shop, book, or item, if you wanted to dip your toes into the water. These days? It has never been more accessible. Whether you want to find out your horoscope, learn about chakras, try out a new guided meditation, or even enjoy a reiki healing session…. you can. YouTube is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to find out more. That is actually where my own personal journey began.

What began as a search for help sleeping led to an assortment of guided meditations, then ASMR videos (which you can read more about here), then positive affirmations, then manifestation exercises, then distance reiki healing sessions, and on and on the list goes. Essentially, one thing led to another. My difficulties falling asleep actually wound up opening my eyes to a whole new world – and a whole new way of living.

In my opinion, the accessibility of new age materials is a wonderful thing. It makes it possible for people to learn, discover, and explore topics they may never have come across. It makes information easier to find and share. A simple click of the Related Videos section on YouTube has the potential to change your life. What an amazing idea!

Just in case you were looking for a few suggestions…. here are a few of my personal favourite YouTube videos related to a new age lifestyle.

Gentle Whispering ASMR. There are thousands and thousands of ASMR related channels. However, the most popular is Maria from Gentle Whispering ASMR. Her soft tone and sweet nature make it easy to achieve relaxation and of course, tingles. She also has a number of videos related to crystal therapy, chakras, and meditation.

Neil Cooper. Another great new age media resource is Neil Cooper, a certified Reiki master. His channel has an assortment of personal stories, distance reiki healing sessions, ASMR themed videos, and discussions about life and spirituality. He has inspired me so much to continue on this enlightened path. My favourite video of his is about the after life (which you can see here). It has given me so much comfort during times of anxiety.

Brad Yates. EFT (or emotional freedom techniques, which you can read about here) is dedicated to tapping away emotional blockages in your life. Brad Yates is one of the best there is – covering topics like abundance, gaining closure, loving yourself, and so on.

Doreen Virtue. Of course, you probably know who Doreen Virtue is. She is a huge name in the new age world thanks to her many books, oracle cards, and guided meditations. On her YouTube channel…you can enjoy weekly divine guidance readings to help you make the best choices throughout the week.

RuPaul. I know…you’re likely wondering why RuPaul made this list. He is known for a lot of things (like his groundbreaking career) but new age thinking isn’t typically one of them. Recently, I came across a video of his speech at the annual Drag Con hosted in Los Angeles. His keynote speech was incredible. He spoke of meditation, calling on your angels, and learning to love yourself. It was powerful to say the least.

There are many more examples of new age media on YouTube. This really is just the beginning! Start here, watch some videos, and keep your eyes peeled for any suggestions or recommendations that may pop up.

What new age videos do you watch on YouTube?

- Shannon

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