Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to Store Your Spiritual Stuff

It isn’t easy. Making sure each and every item in your home has a designated spot can be a real chore – especially if you want things to be organized. While it may be fairly simple to find a place for your kitchen supplies or hand towels, when it comes to your spiritual stuff, it can be a little more challenging. Where should your oracle cards go? Books? Crystals? Grids? The list goes on and on. Not to worry! These tips will make storage a cinch.

Figure Out What You Have. First thing is first. Take some time to look at everything you have. Put all of your spiritual stuff in one spot so you can assess how much storage space you’ll need, what you have more of, what you want to prioritize, and so on. It’s amazing how quickly we lose sight of what we have…so this step is super important on your path towards organization.

Decide What You’ll Display. Out of everything you have, there are probably a few special, unique, or meaningful items that you will want prominently displayed around your home. For example, a crystal that promotes balance or positive energy, a wall hanging dedicated to the chakras, or your go-to book for home remedies. Put items that are used often (or for a specific purpose, like cleansing) in a place that makes sense and brings you joy.

Choose Your Storage Method. This next step is important. Yes, it is time to make some decisions about how you’ll store everything. Will you dedicate an entire bookshelf to your spiritual items? Or a table? Or a room? Me personally, I keep things in decorative cardboard boxes from the dollar store. There is one for crystals, two for books, one for candles, and one for other miscellaneous items. (This is an ideal solution if your family/roommate/significant other does not know or approve of your spiritual beliefs. It happens.) Decide if you want things neatly tucked away, semi-visible, or out in the open.

These are a few ideas to help you get started - and store your beloved items with thought and care. 

How do you store your spiritual stuff?

- Shannon 

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