Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Who Is Better Suited For Cancers?

Who is the most compatible for Cancers? Well let's look at how a Cancer loves first! Cancers are the most motherly of the zodiac. Sometimes this can carry over into a relationship. They are very nurturing, wanting to take care of the other person. They can be clingy and possessive at times, but at least they are loyal!  They need to be needed and are very good at homemaking.

Cancers are very sensitive and light hearted. They can be very sentimental at times and want to focus on their  partner's emotions. This zodiac sign is very in tune with feelings and emotions, sometimes reading too much into them. Be careful in an argument. They may sense an insult, even though you didn't mean to give one.

So who do you belong with? Let's find out!

Cancer and Taurus
Both Cancer and Tauruses love to be intimate. They have a deep understanding of each other and are the heart of family. This couple is most likely to old fashioned, and family oriented. Both craving stability and security, they will focus their energies on the future and having a good home.

Cancer and Aries
While Aries is impatient, Cancers like to slowly romance the other person. This makes for a bad combination and someone will eventually get hurt. Unfortunately for this relationship, both parties can fall into a parent-child like relationship.

Cancer and Cancer
This is a lot of nurturing in one relationship. Sometimes it will be too much. As long as both parties are putting in the effort and keeping each other active, this relationship will go through a lot in life. This relationship can move quickly, since this sign is known as being a nester.

Cancer and Gemini
Both these signs have different views on their emotions and sex drive. That's okay though. If the Gemini is willing to shut up and listen, and the Cancer is willing to give them some space then this couple should do alright. These two signs actually have a lot of similar interests. Books,  bands and tv shows are some things this couple can bond over.

Cancer and Leo
You may think that fire and water don't go together, and you may be right. That being said, out of all the fire and water symbols, this pairing will be the most likely to succeed, but it is rare. These two signs are willing to accept each other's uniqueness, which is very important in a relationship. Just be prepared for some drama. Cancers can have huge mood swings, and Leos can be bossy. Learn and talk to each other when this happens.

Cancer and Virgo
This pairing has the potential to last. You can fall in love with each other instantly. This relationship is a give and take relationship. Virgos are known as the Helper and Cancers are the Nurturers. While your relationship is very sweet and there is a lot of PDA, make sure you guys keep your relationship out of a rut, but going out on the town often.

Cancer and Libra
These two signs have the potential to work out together. That's if they can share their emotions together, without judging the other. While Cancers are ruled by their emotions, Libras are very airy and need to have lots of space. While Libras may try to also give Cancers space, the other sign may think that they are ignoring them, which is not their intention.

Cancer and Scorpio
When this couple is happy together, they can achieve anything. When they are fighting, or their relationship is unbalanced, then someone will get hurt easily and quickly.  Neither one of these signs trust very easily, yet trusts each other completely. Focusing on romance, emotions and deep connections, this power couple is willing to mate for life.

Cancer and Sagittarius
These two signs rarely ever get together, which is a shame. The both have a deep thirst for knowledge and have the same belief system. Unfortunately though, Cancers tend to be home bodies, while Sagittarius wants to explore the world. This leaves Sagittarius usually feeling smothered by Cancers.

Cancer and Capricorn
This couple is certainly a power couple. They both have the same belief systems when it comes to families and values. This couple works well in the home. Emotional Cancers focus on homemaking, while stoic Capricorns focus on providing for the families. In order to make this relationship work, focus on learning each other's emotions and talk to each other.

Cancer and Aquarius
If you are looking for a relationship that is not your "typical" relationship, then this is the one for you. That doesn't mean it will be easy though. You both have to work super hard for it. Just be careful. Cancers are known for affection and intimacy, while Aquarius doesn't need too much affection in their relationship.

Cancer and Pisces
Both water signs, love to deal with emotions and will fall in love with each other quickly. Both of these signs are compassionate and nurturing. As long as the relationship doesn't get into a rut, then this relationship should do just fine. Make sure you go out and see other couples or go on a weekend trip away. This will help your relationship grow.

There you have it! Who do you think you bond with? Does your relationship sound like any of these pairings? Let me know in the comment section below!


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